These pages provide the international thermochronology community with information about meetings, planning, and awards, as well the International Standing Committee on Thermochronology (ISCT) itself.

ISCT. The original purpose of the Standing Committee was to simply foster and maintain the continuity of the biennial international workshops, but at Thermo2016 the committee recognized that it played a somewhat broader role in important community activities such as awarding prizes and fostering dialog among thermochronologists; we also recognized that in the future it might be useful to shape a voice with which the thermochronology community could express viewpoints about larger scientific initiatives and directions in the earth sciences. Long chaired by Andy Gleadow, then assumed by Peter Zeitler (2014-2023), the role of committee chair is now endorsed by Stephanie Brichau.

While an informal organization, in the interests of continuity and transparency, in 2018 the committee adopted a set of simple by-laws and operating principles that pertain to how it operates, how the biennial meetings are run, and what is expected of meeting delegates.

These pages are a work in progress, and we welcome suggestions about any content that would be useful to you. Please forward general suggestions about the Standing Committee and the biennial meetings to the committee’s chair, Stéphanie Brichau and send suggestions about the web site to Mauricio Parra and Richard Ketcham.